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What’s the Best Towson Date Night Restaurant?

Date night — two words that inspire fear, anxiety and expectations, especially if you haven’t found that perfect Towson date night restaurant. Fortunately, there is one such restaurant in Towson, Maryland, that takes the stress off of date night: 7 West Bistro, a casual restaurant that offers fine dining and one of the best menus in the entire city. 7 West Bistro is a Mediterranean-American restaurant that offers a wide range of seafood and Maryland classics. It is reasonably priced, comfortable and one of the best capstones in your next night out with that special someone. The restaurant is located in the center of Towson, too, which makes it incredibly easy to coordinate a meeting or drive someone in for dinner. Or, if you prefer, turn a date into a lunch during the weekdays or brunch on the weekends for bottomless mimosas and other drinks. 7 West Bistro is the perfect combination of class and casual dining. The restaurant has nightly valet parking, excellent customer service and a delicious meal to make sure your date goes off without a hitch. So what are you waiting for?

3 Reasons Why 7 West Bistro is the Best Towson Date Night Restaurant

The truth behind a memorable, effective “date night” is to bring someone to neutral territory, a place you can both enjoy, relax in one another’s company and eat delicious food. Fortunately, the best Towson date night restaurant is 7 West Bistro. Here are a few reasons why: • 7 West Bistro is a great date night restaurant because of its broad yet fine-tuned menu. You can order Mediterranean-inspired seafood or classic American plates — this makes it much easier when you can’t decide where to take someone. • Also, 7 West Bistro frequently hosts nightly events (Latin night, trivia, martini Wednesdays, etc.) which can save you a few bucks on the tab. Speaking of which, the dishes are reasonably priced unlike “classy” establishments that charge upwards of $40 per plate. • Finally, 7 West Bistro is an excellent Towson date night restaurant because of the atmosphere. The space’s aesthetic is comforting and allows you to focus on one another in relative quiet compared to busy, boisterous restaurants. Date night is a big deal — don’t blow it by going to a place that is overpriced, overrated and ripe for disaster. Instead, consider checking out 7 West Bistro for your next date, anniversary or that big announcement. It truly is the Towson date night restaurant, especially when you consider its location and comfortable atmosphere. In Maryland, the best Towson date night restaurant is 7 West Bistro off York Road. Make your reservation and be impressed today!