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Towson Happy Hour: 7 West Bistro Offers Abundant Options

For the residents of Towson, Happy Hour specials are not hard to find. Most every restaurant and bar in town has some version of a Happy Hour service—but of course, not all Happy Hours are created equal. At some Towson Happy Hour services, the options are effectively limited to one or two special drinks, or perhaps a handful of beers offered at a slight discount. These things are nice, but they hardly offer the level of variety that Happy Hour patrons are looking for.

That’s why 7 West Bistro does things a bit differently. 7 West Bistro has a truly deep and expansive Happy Hour menu—offering something for everyone. No matter your tastes, you can surely find something to meet your needs here—and at a discounted price, too!

7 West Bistro Dominates Towson Happy Hour

Of course, Happy Hour is really most closely associated with cocktails and libations. No matter your drink of choice, 7 West Bistro offers something to satisfy. Some of the options on the restaurant’s Happy Hour menu include:

– Some stellar Domestic Beer selections, all of them available for just $2.50 a pop! The options on hand include Bud, Miller Lite, Bud Lite, and Coors Light bottles. Meanwhile, Miller Lite and Shock Top are on tap.
– Import bottles are also given special Happy Hour pricing, ringing up at just $3.50 per bottle. Options here span the globe, and include Corona and Heineken options.
– Maybe beer isn’t for you. Maybe you prefer to unwind with a nice glass of wine after a long day. A glass will cost you only $4.50 at the 7 West Bistro Happy Hour—and there are several options to choose from, including reds and whites and everything in between!
– Several martini choices are also placed on the Happy Hour menu, for your consideration and enjoyment.

What’s a Happy Hour without some food, though? The 7 West Bistro Happy Hour options also include several appetizers all of them available at half price. The appetizer menu is extravagant, and includes—but is not limited to—hummus, mozzarella sticks, coconut shrimp, southwestern egg rolls, hot crab dip,  buffalo wings, chicken tenders, calamari, seared ahi tuna, and even grilled rack of lamb.

The only thing left to address: When does the premier Towson Happy Hour take place? It’s from 11 AM until 7 PM, Monday through Friday, late night- Sunday through Thursday 9 pm till 11 pm, and from 11AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. Learn more at 7