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7 West Bistro Ranks as the Best Restaurant in Towson, MD

When asked what the best restaurant in Towson is, many Marylanders will answer with “7 West Bistro.” The restaurant is well-known for its eclectic atmosphere, excellent wait staff and delicious (as well as affordable) Mediterranean and American-inspired dishes.

But what, exactly, makes 7 West Bistro the best restaurant in Towson, MD? This post will explore the reasons why and how 7 West Bistro has earned this title.

What Makes 7 West Bistro the Best Restaurant in Towson?

There are a lot of factors that go into a restaurant’s overall quality. Below, you will find a rundown of why 7 West Bistro continues to prove itself as a top-tier restaurant and exceed customer expectations.

Delicious Dishes

Lunch at 7 West Bistro is a regular occasion from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. for Towson restaurants. The lunch menu is extremely diverse which means there are plenty of options for everyone. This includes a healthy spread of appetizers, hot sandwiches, and smaller meals to get you through your day. Or, if you prefer, you can drop in for brunch on the weekends for bottomless drinks and crispy-fried bacalao, mahi-mahi, and other Maryland-inspired dishes.

Dinner is, of course, the highlight of 7 West Bistro and one of the reasons it is the best restaurant in Towson. You can begin with an appetizer such as the grilled octopus, hot crab dip, or calamari. Next, a soup de jour and a salad is the perfect way to prepare yourself for one of 7 West Bistro’s signature entrees. Its specialties include grilled rack of lamb chops, chicken kabobs, crispy-fried cod, surf ‘n’ turf, and a long list of sandwiches and other delicious plates.

Customer Service

The food is only as good as the service. Fortunately, 7 West Bistro has an excellent wait staff and works to ensure your experience is both memorable and comfortable.


7 West Bistro also offers catering for events and parties. This is a great option for your next get-together, especially if your guests have high expectations.


7 West Bistro also has weekly specials.  Tuesdays are half-priced wine bottle day, martini nights are on Wednesdays, and other events spring up throughout the week.

You can also reserve private dining and can call 7 West Bistro at any time for more information about catering, menus and special events.

So we ask you: How could 7 West Bistro be anything except the best restaurant in Towson, MD?

7 West Bistro proves itself as the best restaurant in Towson, Maryland. The restaurant offers a variety of specials and has an extensive menu.